Messaging Format

The Message format on this section is the request and response format which occurs between PLUS partners and PLUS itself. The following conditions apply:

  1. Message sent through web-service
  2. The communication protocol uses HTTP/HTTPS
  3. Messaging uses REST-JSON. Value of field/variable in request sent through HTTP protocol with POST method, and response is given in JSON
  4. Encryption will be processed on the fields in the request and response messages. The encryption algorithm is AES-128 with following conditions:
    • Key length 128 bit
    • Cipher mode CBC
    • IV 128 bit length
    • Character padding null byte

Every parameter has its own attribute / data type based on different conditions. The writing of attribute / data type on this documentation uses ANS 100 as an example. This means, the parameter can contain alphanumeric and special characters with maximum length of 100 characters.

The full provisions are as follows:

Attribute Description
A Alpha character
N Numeric character
S Special character
AN Alphanumeric character
AS Alpha and special character
NS Numeric and special character
ANS Alphanumeric and special character