ESPAY | Payment Gateway Indonesia

ESPAY is a payment gateway product in Indonesia launched by PT Lintas Usaha Sukses (PT PLUS). ESPAY itself has also been registered with Bank Indonesia. Based on Bank Indonesia Letter Number 20/39 / DKSP-GP2SP / Srt / B issued on October 15, 2018, that PT Lintas Usaha Payment (PT PLUS) has officially obtained a license / permit from Bank Indonesia as a Payment Gateway Provider Company

ESPAY offers a holistic payment solution for online (e-commerce) and offline (merchants), both those that do business to consumers (B2C) and business relations (B2B). ESPAY also raised the concept of B2C2B which fulfill the payment needs of various industries to support the payment ecosystem both for the process of receiving payments (Money In) and the distribution of payments (Money Out) that are needed by customers to carry out business processes with their business partners (suppliers, delivery services, invoicing)

Our Payment Channel:

  • Card (Visa / MasterCard / Amex / JCB)
  • E-Wallet (LinkAja, GoPay, OVO, Dana, Cashbac)
  • *Corporate Internet Banking(KlikBCA Business, Permata e-Business)*
  • Internet Banking (BCA Klikpay, e-Pay BRI, Danamon Online Banking, PermataNet pay)
  • Outlet Modern Market (Alfamart,Pos Indonesia, Pegadaian)
  • ATM
  • Branchless Banking Agent

Bill Payment

SMS Gateway

Customer Due Diligent (regulatory solution)


EIPP (Collect, No IT Things Required)

Some of the benefits of using ESPAY:

  • Streamlined integration

    The integration process is carried out efficiently (not using a lot of resources) to get maximum results

  • Pay As You Use

    Only pay for what you use, no other fees.

  • Scale automatically

    The convenience that you can get from changes made automatically

  • One Tool to Find Them All

    we simplify the complexity of variety payment method to to provide you effortless solution to get holistic payment solution

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